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Shapes: Tara Crystal

“People aren’t going to be like ‘Did you see that lady in that little bikini, she shouldn’t be in that bikini.’ They’ll say ‘wow she can surf good or look at her having fun!’ That’s what you should focus on.” - Tara Crystal

Small waves, big waves, flat chests, curvy buns, twinnies to thrusters and everything in between. Introducing Shapes, a four part series featuring four amazing, strong and unique women, and the shapes that allow them to do what they love. 

We sat down with Tara Crystal to discuss all things surfing and body positivity. 

Get to know Tara:

How would you describe your body type? 

Fit & Strong  

Favorite Billabong swim top silhouette & why?

Soul Searcher bandeau bikini top because it’s cute, supportive and stays in place while I’m surfing. 

Favorite Billabong swim bottom silhouette & why?

Maui rider. Good coverage and fit. Just ideal for surfing. 

Favorite surfboard shape?

Standard 5’11” Thruster because you can’t go wrong with a “trusty thrusty”.

Favorite Type of wave (crumbly, big, fast, etc)?

My ideal wave is anything in the 4 foot range. Fast/powerful. I need speed!

How do you sum up your style in 1-2 sentences?

I’d describe my style as laid back and easy going. Happy go lucky!

Why is being unique & having your own style important to you?

You are who you are regardless of how hard you try to be like someone else. Own it and have fun because that’s what surfing is about

Watch episode 01: