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Oahu Hawaii with Lil and Coral

On our recent trip to Oahu Hawaii with the Billabong youth team, Coral and I had to escape the boys, so we teamed up with Tara aka (ladyslider), to use her local knowledge of the Northshore and see some of the sights. It was Coral’s first time to Hawaii and I couldn’t wait for her to experience the fun I know this island paradise has to offer.



The swell was non-existent out front of the Billabong House which is located directly in front of Pipe, and Backdoor. Forecasts were saying there were decent size waves predicted for later that week, so for now it was all about fun and cruising on island time.



We Jumped in the car and headed west along the Kam highway to a spot called Chuns.  When we pulled up, there were fun small log waves breaking on a white sand little beach and we were super excited to get in the water. It was more of a goof around on boards than a proper surf, but as always, we were having way too much fun, either laughing at each other, or just laughing at how good it was to be in Hawaii. We couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces.



After a couple of hours, we headed back to the Billabong house. Its amazing walking around the house and thinking about all the history that’s happened within its wall. The place has a good vibe. We had music going, the boys outside trying to prove who was better at ping pong, and we had the view of pipe. Life couldn’t get much better.



For the rest of the day we drove around the Northshore and did a few touristy things. We thought we’d better give Cozza the full experience; I wanted her to have the same memories I have from my first time in Hawaii; ones that I and hopefully she’ll never forget.



We got shaved ice, bought acai bowls, visited the Haleiwa bridge and ate at the food trucks. Unfortunately, we didn’t stop at Waimea this time round, but there’s always next time… So, for now, here are the some of the best moments captured from the day…Mahalo Tara for the fun!



Aloha, Lil x Coral