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Travel -

Guide To The Maldives

You don’t need to find the one to enjoy the Maldives. A trip to this dreamy tropical paradise surrounded by turquoise water will give you that first-love feeling you’ve been looking for.

Spanning over 1000 islands in the Indian Ocean, there is so much to explore. Coral reefs overflowing with an abundance of sea life, the diversity in the water is seen day and night. The natural beauty always shines through, especially after dark when the bioluminescent coral lights up.

And when it comes to surfing, there’s something for everyone too. Covering left and right breaks for beginners to pros, finding your very own spot is easy as you hop, skip and surf around the islands.


Fall in love with the Maldives.

Best time to visit

June and July are the busiest months of the year so prepare for the crowds. There’s definitely an off season in the Maldives too. If you’re looking for waves, don’t go in the Southern Hemisphere summer. March to October is the go-to time.

Where to go

Located in the northern islands, Malé is the capital of the Maldives but is also part of a larger cluster of islands, called the Malé Atoll. Malé is where visitors fly into, which means the North Malé Atoll and South Malé Atoll are the most popular destinations for those chasing the sun.

A short ferry ride north of Malé is a smaller island called Thulusdoo. This packs a punch in terms of a tropical destination but there’s an industrial history to this island too.


There is a designated bikini beach, a beautiful reef to snorkel in, but it’s the Coca-Cola factory that tends to be the main attraction on this island. The only Coca-Cola plant in the world which uses desalinated water, this famous factory also gives the very famous Maldives surf break its name – Cokes.


In-between Male and Thulusdoo lies the small fishing village, Himmafushi. The local community gives it the lay back beach vibe, the perfect place for the bikini kinda life.


With regular boat trips to surf breaks, this slice of paradise is a good jumping off point for catching some epic waves.

Where to stay

Lavish floating honeymoon villas are not the only accommodation here. There’s somewhere to stay on everyone’s budget, with each offering their own signature style. Most surf retreats here have their own exclusive breaks so you can avoid the crowded line ups. The Ocean Spell travel agency will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Must know

Maldives upholds Islamic religious values, but locals are very accommodating to travellers, ensuring there are designated beaches for those who wish to wear a bikini to soak up the sun. Keep our soft cover ups on hand when you travel in-between beach spots.

Must bring

The sun is strong in the Maldives, so plenty of sunscreen and sun protection is a must.


Surf Spots

Maldives has world-class waves that are best for advanced surfers on big swell days. There’s a boat that can take you to the break for a small cost.


Cokes is the most popular right hander here but it has a shallow reef especially on a low tide, and getting caught in the current is very real. Patience is key for catching some pretty perfect waves.


Chickens is a left hander with long barrels opposite Cokes. There’s plenty of sea life sharing the water here too.


Honkeys is another long left-hander, best on a low tide with a south swell. The current can make it a workout so the boat trip out to the break is a good option.


Sultans is the mirror image of Honkeys. A right hander with consistent sets suited to royalty as the name suggests.

For beginners, try Thulusdoo main bay with smaller waves.


The locals are very helpful and will be willing to take you to the best spots and share some useful tricks.


Whether it’s lazing on the beach with crystal tides calling you in for a dip, or getting barrelled out the back, Maldives will have you falling head over bare feet.