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Canggu Days

We spent our days in Canggu shooting our Spring swimwear and along the way we found some of the absolute best things to do and places to go, which we just had to share with you all. From perfect morning waves to eating until our tummy’s were happy and shopping in between, here is exactly how we spent our days in between shooting ‘Hooked On Tropics’.



As much as we love an adventure down the Bukit Peninsula, surfing in Canggu is so much fun, with a variety of waves including our favourite ‘Old Man’s’, there is really a wave for everyone. Old Man’s is the perfect, rolling, long board wave and on high tide has an inside reform that is perfect for the novice surfer and a back break that reforms through the inside for our girls who are a little more adventurous. Don’t forget Batu Belong, a chunky little reef break up the beach or venture down the south towards Seminyak and find yourself a beach break that will offer you hours of fun with no one around.


One of the many reason’s we love Bali is its energy filled, golden sunsets. Canggu is the perfect place to watch the Sunset go down on any day of the week (because who really knows what day it is in Bali). Our favourite places for a sunset drink include the location of our ‘Hooked on Tropics’ shoot, La Brisa. Fun music, colourful cocktails and yummy snacks by the pool is the perfect combo to end the day in style.

Tuesday’s at ‘The Lawn’ is also our kind of Sunset vibe, beside the infinity pool and watching the waves roll through at Old Man’s, then straight into a movie night and not having to move from your bean bag!




We left Canggu with our bellies a little happier than before we got there. The list is really endless but if you want to know our favourite places to eat, we are just going to list them below here!

  • Fishbone local – don’t leave without trying the Miso eggplant
  • Leroy’s – for some of the best Vietnamese you have ever tasted
  • Peloton Supershop – a vegan’s delight for all of our veggie and smoothie bowl lovers
  • The Shady Shack – full of hearty, healthy meals and we promise you won’t leave feeling unsatisfied
  • The Lawn – Mouth-watering, deliciousness all day long
  • La Brisa – Mediterranean-fusion inspired dishes making use of the best local produce, perfect by their pool with a fruity cocktail in hand

The list really could go on!




Surfed out hair is never fun, so if you’re feeling like a refresh then Trove Artistry Bali is your go-to Canggu salon. Goldust Bali is the perfect girly day spa for all of your beauty needs and a little relax time for a post surf massage, ahhh Bali.



On our travels around town, we found some of the best day clubs Canggu has to offer. Here are our faves.

  • La Brisa Bali
  • The Lawn
  • Finns Beach Club
  • The Slow

Take the afternoon to relax, unwind and watch the sunset into the perfect horizon, after all that’s what holidays are for!


Amongst the endless amounts of villas in Canggu you can’t go past ‘The Slow’. Their suites ooze with luxe furnishings and amazing art. You won’t be able to go backwards from laying by their pool day in day out. Make sure you leave to adventure out in to the real world ;-)


We can’t wait to get back here when the world wakes from its slumber again! Canggu, we LOVE YOU!