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Bikini Bottom Fits


Billabong is notorious for swimwear with a plethora of shapes, styles and silhouettes to suit every body type. This blog will talk about each of the 14 different bikini bottom styles, the features and details to ensure you can choose correctly when shopping online and not having a chance to try. This season, we’re not only celebrating swimwear, but also the ocean we all love to play in, so spread the word on our amazing swim stories that are made from recycled fabric - every piece we produce that is made for the water is recycled from 100% regenerated post-consumer waste.




The bikini bottoms with the least bum coverage are the Maya and Skimpy Hike Bikini Bottoms. The Maya can be worn low or high on the hips while the Skimpy Hike looks best high on the hips. These styles are for the gals who like the “less is more” look and prefer to have an even summer tan.



The Hike and the Havana Bikini Bottoms still have skimpy coverage but offer a little more to cover the bum. They both elongate your legs as designed to be worn high on the hips.



For those that like a little more coverage but prefer their peach to peek out a little bit, the Bondi and Tropic Bikini Bottoms are for you because they feature a medium bum coverage. The Tropic has a low-rise front and back meaning it sits low on the hips.



There are three styles that fall under the medium coverage category: the Maui rider, Kauai and the Hi Maui. The Maui Rider Bikini Bottoms is one of our bestselling high-waisted shapes, featuring a high leg and mid-rise front and back. For a good perspective on the meaning of mid-rise, it will likely sit just under or on your belly button. The Kauai sits a bit higher and has extra fabric on the sides of the hips while the Hi Maui Bikini Bottoms are a higher version of our loved Maui Rider Bikini Bottoms, helping to accentuate the curves and provides enough support to ensure the Hi Maui is suitable to surf in



We have the most shapes in our full category, for those that are more reserved or more active when they are at the beach. The Hi Retro Bikini Bottom is a new shape that we have fallen for, featuring fuller coverage and a high rise, this is your 70s style bikini bottom. The Avalon Bikini Bottom looks even more vintage with a lower leg and high rise ensuring lots of coverage for uber comfort. Our LOWRIDER BIKINI BOTTOMS is a staple style that’s been around for a while, sits low on the hips with wider sides. The Surf Short is perfect for tearing up the waves, with cheeky bum coverage and a low rise, we promise this bottom will stay with you in the surf. If the cheeky coverage isn’t your flavour, then the Retro Bikini Bottom is the one for you, it’s the perfect mini pair of shorts to surf in and it keeps everything in. With a super high rise and the fullest bum coverage we have in the range, this bottom will be your best friend this summer.