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Inspiration -

Our not so little LIL

Lil joined the Billabong team when she was a teeny tiny ten year old after showing us around the best spots to surf at her local. She blew us away with her personality plus, a little pocket rocket that couldn’t be more polite and gracious and we just knew instantly she was born to be a Billabong gal. Lil is one of those rare enigmas that can surf on a longboard just as well as she can surf on a shortboard and has been making waves ever since she could stand up. Shes the sweetheart of the team and just turned 16, with more accolades under her belt than toes over the nose on a good day at Noosa main break. Shes the 2020 QLD state champion - for the 5th time running - and also took out the Ripcurl Gromsearch 2020; its paramount this girl is bound for big things.


We asked her a few questions, since she is growing and achieving things daily, we felt it was time for a catch up!


How long have you been surfing for now?
Ive been surfing ever since I was 5, so 11 years now, more time spent surfing than not surfing.


What is the most amazing surf session you've ever had and why has it stuck with you?

The most amazing surf session I had was at Spouts Creek on the coastline of Victoria. It was whilst I was filming for a new netflix series called Surviving Summer. The waves were pumping and I was the only one out. The best thing was that I had the JetSki assist so it was just wave after wave after wave… It was awesome. 


Shortboard or longboard? We know you can ride both equally as good! 

I love all sorts of boards so this is a hard question. I cant really answer it as both are utilised in different conditions. I would preferably ride a short board in 2 foot plus waves and log in 0.5-1ft waves at Noosa. 



What does your training regime involve?

My training regime usually involves gym with pro movement on a Monday and Wednesday morning before school, and then surf whenever is good. 


What is your greatest achievement to date, and what are your goals for the future?

My greatest achievement to date is probably getting a main character roll in a Netflix series, or x5 state champion. My goals for the future would be to maintain surfing as my job, travel to amazing places and live the best life possible always by the beach. 


Who are your biggest inspirations?

My Mum and Dad, always! 


Your favourite subject in school?

Hpe and surfing (yes surfing is an actual subject.) 


If you could be a professional athlete for anything other than surfing, what would it be?

Touch football! I still play in the Summer and absolutely love it, it’s nice to be able to play a team sport whereas surfing is such an individual pursuit. 

Tell us, what a typical weekend looks like for you?

A typical weekend usually involves some surfing, lots of eating and friends!



As soon we can travel again, where are you going?



What's your favourite beach in the whole world? 

I havent traveled the world yet and I am still yet to find it! Pipeline or Waikiki is definitely up there.


All time favourite food, and you have to eat it every day. Choose one?



What's on repeat on your spotify playlist?

How deep is your love’ - Bee Gees 

Have you watched any good series, read any good books or listened to any good podcasts lately?

Im currently reading looking for Alaska (Im a romance book type gal), and just finished the horror series of scream!


Name 2 people you would love to have dinner with and what questions would you ask them?

David Attenborough - have you ever been afraid whilst exploring? 

Stephanie Gilmore - what were your biggest challenges in life/ being on tour.


Lastly, your favourite Billabong piece you are wearing lately?

The Sweet dreams Ella Bra Bikini Top’ and the Sweet Dreams Havana Bikini bottoms’