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Parko's Last Lap: Episode 4

"Pure style & grace." -Mick Fanning

"There's no one like him." -Jason Stevenson

"He's just a freak." Bede Durbidge

"Silky smooth. The greatest styleist ever." -Wayne Bartholomew

"He just flows with matter what it is, he'll find the positive in it." -Dean Morrison

Champion. Family Man. Style Master. The quotes above say it all: Parko is just simply one of the best to ever do it. 

In this clip, some of surfing's legends of past & present talk story on Joel Parkinson & the impact he's made on the world of surfing throughout his storied career. 

With the Pipe Masters main event beginning today, Parko gets set to hit the waters of Oahu's North Shore for his last-ever event. And the ride isn’t quite over yet, as he sits in 2nd place in the Triple Crown ratings after winning the Hawaiian Pro in Haleiwa.

This year's Pipe Masters send-off for Parko could very well be one for the history books.


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